On the day

2016 On the Day information

See these documents for useful information on the day and see the main Fakenham 50 page

Dear Fakenham 50 Rider,

Only a few days to go before the ride. We are all set and the weather is looking good. We are sure you will enjoy your ride whatever distance you have chosen.

I am writing with some additional information and will also resend a copy of the original email attachment we sent to you when you registered. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me. We are regularly updating our website, Facebook page and Twitter.


  •   Information about parking is available on our FAQ page www.activefakenham.org.uk/faq/ The NNDC Council and TESCO (3 hrs free) both monitor their car parks.
  •   Public transport in Fakenham is very limited and on a Bank Holiday with a bike? The nearest stations are Kings Lynn (22m) and Norwich (26m)
  •   When you arrive at the Fakenham Community Centre, Oak St. NR21 9DY, collect your number and information pack at the registration desk.
  •   Food and hot drinks will be available from around 8.15.
  •   The route will be well signed, Garmin downloads are on the website and maps/instructions willbe provided in your pack. We suggest the 100 mile route is done with the longer route first followed by the shorter one . Packs can be left in the Centre at your own risk.
  •   It is a condition of our insurance that you wear a helmet.
  •   On completion please let the registration desk know and we welcome any feedback.
  •   There is an after ride chill out event from 12 to 4.30 with food, barbecue, bar, live semiacoustic music, , massage etc. We hope you will join us for this. We are accepting registrations on the day.I hope you have a great day enjoying the best of North Norfolk cycling. I look forward to seeing you there
  • PLease get in touch if you have any questions or feedback

Best wishes

Richard Crook