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Active Fakenham

Shopping independently in Fakenham

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Easter Funday

Fakenham Market

Fakenham cafes

2019 – Active Fakenham Week video

2019 – Fakenham Free Music Festival 2019 Video

2019 – Ride North Norfolk video

2019 – Ride North Norfolk HQ post race photos

2019 – Ride North Norfolk professional Photos

2019 – Music Festival – photos of Fakenham Free Music Festival

2019 – Duck and Raft Races – Video

2019 – Duck and Raft Races 2nd June 2019 – photos

2019 – Easter Sunday 2019 Races and Funday

2018 – Video Ride North Norfolk 2018, a 30 second snapshop

2018 – Video of Fakenham Muisc Festival 2018

2018 -Photos  Fakenham Music Festival photos by Keith Osborn  18 August

2018 – Ride North Norfolk Official photos

2018  – Photos of Ride North Norfolk 2018 back at HQ from Richard Crook’s phone camera

2018 – Photos and videos from The Fakenham Music Festival from cameras

2018  – Video – Easter Sunday Funday 1st April 2018.   Crtierium, Running races, the first  Toddle’n’Trike and more

2018 – Easter Sunday Funday Photos  

2017 – Photos 915 Professional photos of Ride North Norfolk 2018 HERE

2017   Video Fakenham 25/50/100 Ride North Norfolk

2017   Video Fakenham Music Festival

2017   Music Festival 2017 photos

2017    Easter Sunday Funday photos , Criterium races, 5K Run & 1K Fun Run

2017  Easter Sunday Funday video

2017    Easter Sunday Town Run video

2017    Easter Sunday crtierium races 2017

2016    Video Fakenham 25/50/100 Ride North Norfolk

2016    Video  Easter Run and Cycle

2016     Video  Easter Criterium Race 2016 offical video

2016     Photos  Fakenham 25/50/100 Photos HERE

2016      Video   Active Fakenham Smoothie Bikes

2015      Video  Active Fakenham Racecourse Run

2015      Video   Showcase Day and Shopkeepers Olympics video HERE

2014      Video   Showcase Day and Shopkeepers Olympics video HERE

PHOTOS – For photos of our events, visit our Flickr page HERE

People entering Active Fakenham events agree the following:

I agree to be photographed/videoed during the event. Active Fakenham will only use these images for promotional purposes such as promoting Active Fakenham activities on our website, social media, display boards, and local media, and in applications or reports to funding bodies. We will not include any of your personal details when using these images without your specific permission. We will store all images in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. These images will not be used for any purpose that may be viewed as negative in tone or that may cause offence, embarrassment or distress. You will be able to view the images and change these permissions within a reasonable period by e-mailing



Thank you to our  sponsors and supporters for Active Fakenham events

It is difficult to list supporters for this event as we have received so much help from so many people and organisations. Active Fakenham would like to thank the organisations listed below. We would also like to thank the many individuals without whose voluntary effort the event would be impossible. Thank you.

In alphabetical order

  • Aldi
  • Archant
  • WJ Aldiss
  • Black Bikes Sheringham
  • British Cycling
  • Crook De Lyon
  • Custance Design
  • East Coast Riders
  • Fakenham Heel Bar
  • Fakenham Racecourse
  • Fakenham Runners
  • Fakenham Town Council
  • Fakenham Sports & Fitness Centre
  • Fakenham & District Sun
  • Fletcher Gardening Services
  • Fakenham & Wells Times
  • Gallery Bistro
  • Hannah Brodie Videographer
  • Hollywood Cinema Fakenham
  • Military Circuits/Pt in the Park
  • Morrisons
  • Kings Lynn Mountain Bike Club
  • Larking Gowen
  • Lotus Cycle Racing League
  • North Norfolk District Council
  • PPJH Sound Systems
  • Richard Smith Architects
  • Runbritain
  • Social Monkey
  • Stephenson Smart accountants
  • Sweets n Things
  • Tesco



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KL Magazine September 2015  – The forward-looking face of Fakenham 90_Explorer_Fakenham_lowres