Photo Competition


Fakenham Photo Competition

We are looking for pictures that show what is great about Fakenham. People enjoying themselves, events and activities, architecture, landscapes, close-ups, culture, business… let your imagination and your camera find a story.
The judges will want to see that the picture is taken around Fakenham for it to count. And remember to set your camera settings so images are big enough to print to a reasonable size. You must also have permission for any recognisable faces – we may ask for proof of this permission. (see terms and conditions for full details).
Most of all enjoy getting creative with your camera around the town.

Image file size must be between 1MB (minimum) and 4MB (maximum)

Terms and conditions


(please include descriptions for each photo you upload, including identification/file name info)

(Maximum 6 files. if your files are large, you may need to send them individually via email)

Wait for your files to upload, then press SEND.