People and Places – Images of Fakenham

People and Places – Images of Fakenham

Active Fakenham and local professional photographer Keith Osborn are working together on a project to showcase Fakenham people in a Fakenham situation relevant to them.  They are starting with Connor, a member of the local cycle club in his kit and with his bike in Fakenham and we are looking for other people who are interested in being involved.

The project is part of Active Fakenham’s 2019 programme, which will include images of Fakenham across a variety of media including video, audio and photography.

Keith Osborn, who has a particular interest in portraiture and photographing people, said: “This is a great opportunity to do something I love, further develop my professional photography practice and support all that’s positive about Fakenham”.

Richard Crook, of Active Fakenham said: “We are looking for people and situations that we can photograph to showcase Fakenham in all its diversity. The project could include for instance a shopkeeper or business owner in the context of their business or shop, a sports club member showing they are part of a team, or a resident by their house of flat.  We are looking for ideas and are keen to hear directly from people in the town”.

Richard said: “The plan is to put on an exhibition later in the year and we are also looking at producing a book, a calendar and some postcards of the town, its people and surrounds. We plan to hold an exhibition in the town in August”

If you are interested in being involved with this project and having your photo professionally taken for no cost or in promoting your business or club then contact Richard Crook, Active Fakenham or Keith Osborn.