Active Fakenham in 2019

Active Fakenham NNDC Market Town Initiative Fund results

 December 2018

We are pleased that North Norfolk District Council has agreed to support the following programme of activities through their Market Town Initiative fund.  They will be run by Active Fakenham through 2019.  More details will follow soon.

We would also like to thank the many other organisations and individuals who are offering support.  If you would like to be involved, please get in touch with us.
This is the programme of activities we are hoping to run in 2019

Fakenham Pulling Together

Audio recordings/interviews Agreed
British Cycling Town Centre Criterium, Races One K Fun Run, 5K Fun Run, Toddle n Trike Agreed
Broaden the Fakenham’s “offer”  and support Fakenham Info Hub Agreed
Easter Fun Day Agreed
Fakenham and area women’s business support group Agreed
Fakenham calendar Agreed
Fakenham Post cards Agreed
Five short films of Fakenham landmarks and/or events. Agreed
Get Active Week (involving around 40 activities over nine days) Agreed
Great Fakenham Duck Race, corporate Duck Race Agreed
Loyalty Scheme Agreed
Marketing campaign To include  Archant project value £72,000 card rate advertising plus other benefits. Social Monkey free marketing management. Agreed
Music festival Agreed
Photo competition of Fakenham and exhibition Agreed
Photo map and library Agreed
Project Coordination and management (costs for this also included in individual events) Agreed
Raft race on the river Wensum (tbc) Agreed
Social media Agreed
Training sessions for community groups and businesses (2 sessions) Agreed


This is an ambitious, innovative project brings together a range of people and community organisations to create and promote high profile events and useful resources for visitors and locals. It includes extensive use of volunteers and brings in additional funding and resources.

The project will cover two broad categories; events and resources.  Each will involve varied organisations and people as partners and helpers.  Although there will be immediate and short-term benefits, we have built in sustainability to the project. Most of the events will be established to run annually. This will be backed up by a multimedia promotion to the value of around £100,000.

These activities are the result of extensive consultation with local groups, individuals and businesses. Award winning Active Fakenham has a strong record of delivering successful, high quality, professionally run events in the town. We have involved many volunteers and organisations.

In recent years Fakenham has seen many activities and some voluntary groups cease. Some examples are: Kick Start Fakenham (community organisation and xmas lights switch on organiser), Fabcom (Business), the Great Fakenham Duck Race, Fakenham Fair, Fireworks Display, Fakenham Carnival and procession, Tourist Information Centre, Adult education reduced, Hempton cyclocross racing, Fakenham Learning Centre, closure of both Swimming Pools in the town, professional theatre.

We are confident this project will revive some of these and create new activities and resources to benefit both locals and visitors.  Examples include, town maps, festivals, trails (walking and cycling), video, photo and audio  (printed and digital), a major marketing campaign, increasing the size of existing annual activities where there is spare capacity, provide skills training, a loyalty scheme for businesses, professional theatre and help supporting tourist infrastructure in the town.

Although ambitious, this project is achievable and will greatly benefit residents and tourists. Active Fakenham has an excellent track record of success



The project will support, enable, sponsor and/or contribute to the following activities.  Each activity will either be new or increase the size and sustainability of existing events, so they can be set as annual events.

  • Get Active Week (involving around 40 activities over nine days
    • Grow the Get Active in Fakenham Week. This is an annual showcase event for the town, now in its fifth year but needs support.  It has up to fifty events for all ages and abilities covering sport, arts, demonstrations, and more.  It enables activities to continue through the year by helping to recruit to local activities and organisations. E.g. the netball club, bridge club etc. recruited extra members.
  • Great Fakenham Duck Race
    • Establish an annual duck race on the river Wensum by the town centre.
  • Corporate Duck Race
    • For local businesses.
  • Easter Fun Day
    • Develop the Easter Sunday Town Centre Funday with activities for all ages/abilities.
  • British Cycling Town Centre Criterium Races
    • Develop the Official closed road town centre road racing for different levels and spectators.
  • UK Athletics 5K,
    • Increase the size of the friendly 5k race in the town centre for all levels of runners and many spectators. Target 400 runners in 2019
  • One K Fun Run
    • A 1-kilometre fun run for all ages/abilities. Target 300 participants.
  • Toddle’n’Trike for under 5s
    • Fun cycle and running races for under 5s Target 100 participants.
  • Fakenham and area women’s business support group
    • Set up a business support network. We have a group of women keen to do this, but discussions are ongoing about whether this will be women only or open to all.
  • Music festival
    • Run a one-day festival in the town centre
  • Professional Theatre at Fakenham Community Centre
    • Run two or more theatre productions by professional companies in Fakenham Community Centre.
  • Photo competition of Fakenham and exhibition
    • A photo competition of Fakenham based themes, followed by an exhibition across the town and across social media.
  • Two cycle maintenance workshops in the community
    • Safety workshops in schools and community.
  • Raft race on the river Wensum (tbc)
    • A short fun race with prizes for various categories.
  • Baking Focused activity
    • Such as “Bake Off” event. In partnership with Friends of Fakenham Junior School
  • Dog Walk Day – Walkies
    • From Fakenham Market Place. A guided walk for dogs and their owners. To be annual.
  • Ride North Norfolk Cycling Festival
    • British Cycling non-competitive cycle sportive for all levels and Community Centre garden party with food and music
  • Meditation and relaxation for well-being
    • A pilot series of sessions to assess the viability ongoing classes
  • Series of four talks involving leading (National) speakers
    • Either with Fakenham Library or another local venue.


  • Five short films of Fakenham landmarks and/or events.
    • Used for social media, websites and local landmarks. Possibly linked to QR codes in the town and hosted by one of our websites.
  • Social media
    • Expand social media reach, including Instagram account to promote the town and Active Fakenham events. This will aim to attract people to the town and make activities more sustainable.
  • Walks, Dog walks and Cycle maps/booklet
    • Self-guided walks and rides from the town centre. (Paper, online and social media). Probably in (or with )a booklet but also, they may stand alone.
  • Town Guide
    • Produce a 2019 Fakenham town guide 24 pages DL size. 25,000 copies written, produced and distributed.
  • Training sessions for community groups and businesses (2 sessions)
    • On subjects such as social media, promotion and marketing. With local media input.
  • Six Audio recordings/interviews
    • Fakenham experiences and highlights. for websites, social media and linked to QR codes etc. Script, interview, record, edit, share. Overseen by Oral Historian Peter Hart from the Imperial War Museum.
  • Map of town
    • A colourful paper map of the town for visitors as requested by many visitors. Also, online etc. There is currently no appropriate map to distribute. 10,000 printed
  • Loyalty Scheme
    • A Fakenham card linked to local media with offers. In partnership with Archant.
  • Marketing campaign
    • To include Archant project value £72,000 card rate advertising plus other benefits. Social Monkey Marketing Ltd ( have offered free marketing management. The aim will be to promote these major events and the town. Each event listed is new or has spare capacity.  There would also be an opportunity to business initiatives/ businesses and voluntary organisations. We will appoint a (volunteer) marketing manager. Archant has offered additional editorial and other support to complement this project (see letter appended)
  • Photo map and library
    • Produce a bank of photos that can be used for promoting the town and the activities. Including drone aerial photos.
  • Fakenham Post cards
    • Produce a series of post cards of Fakenham for sale in the town. As requested by visitors.
  • Fakenham calendar
    • Produce/design/print/distribute/sell a calendar promoting Fakenham
  • Promoting Fakenham Tourist Information Hub
    • Increase the awareness of the tourist information centre and increase resources. (better signage , information racks, merchandise, ).  This is currently run by a partnership managed by Active Fakenham and with no Public Sector funding or support, unlike those in other towns.
  • Recollections and impressions of Fakenham
    • Fakenham voices pilot series of writing workshops. Works to be published and promoted online and maybe in a pamphlet
  • Broaden the Fakenham’s “offer”
    • Draw people inland from overcrowded coastal areas as well as attract new visitors and provide resources for locals. Increase the sustainability of Fakenham’s “Go To” activities, services, businesses and community groups.